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CHILD, ADOLESCENT, AND TEEN THERAPY                                                  

There are different types of therapy used to  treat children, adolescents,and teens:

*Cognitive behavioral therapy involves learning alternative ideas and learning that feelings and moods alter behavior. It helps the child to identify their inner thoughts and replace bad though with positive productive thoughts.                                                             

*Behavior Management involved increasing desirable behavior by teaching the child different ways to respond to situations in a positive way. It also rewards positive behavior and punishes negative behavior.  Parents are also taught different strategies and ways to reinforce desirable behavior through the use of behavioral charts and reward systems.  We recognize parents are an important part of the counseling process and often one on one sessions may be suggested without the child to teach parents new skills to support their child’s improvement.                               

*Play therapy is exactly that for younger children and it allows children to act out their issues through role playing or they can interact with the therapist using dolls and sensory objects to express their feelings and learn better ways to cope.                  

Children may take time to slowly build up their level of trust with the counselor. Once this is done the child and parent(s) can begin to learn the reasons for their behavior/feelings and what the trigger points are and how to deal with those issues once they arise.                   

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