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Lori D. Blackman, LCSW

Many years of experience was gained working with adults and children suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD, anger issues, trauma, and abuse. After my graduate studies, my primary focus and training was working with children suffering from ADHD, ODD, depression, and anxiety. I used behavioral management coupled with parenting strategies to improve the parent/child relationship. I gained incredible insight regarding chronic pain and grief and loss while working primarily with the elderly population and their families through home health care and hospice.  I have also worked in the field of drug and alcohol addiction.

I utilize primarily cognitive behavioral interventions, which focuses on changing negative thinking, which in turn will change negative behaviors.  A well-rounded approach  is used to tailor my clients' goals to help them achieve success and personal growth. Each of my clients are unique individuals and close attention is paid to where each one is in the healing process.  Support and understanding is provided in a non judgmental way.  In our first session, a psychosocial assessment is conducted to help me gain insight into your areas of concern.  From there, we will discuss expectations of treatment and create a personalized treatment plan together to target goals in therapy. 

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